I am a Computer Science student in the New York/New Jersey area.  I have done part time and summer work in IT Administration and Software Development and currently am the Technical Director for my school’s sound stage and lights company.  The thing that originally got me interested in pursuing computers and technology was when I started building computers for some of my friends…even though I hadn’t built my own yet

I started Abstract because keyboards – building, modding, programming, and using – are fun, …and I want more keyboard design projects (which will hopefully be products available for groupbuy eventually).  My favorite hobbies are the ones that I can use everyday.  Other than keyboards, some of mine are fountain pens, tea, and other computer hardware.

My current keyboards are:

  • BFO-9000 from Keebio
    • Gateron Brown switches
    • DSA Dolch PBT Dye-Sub from KPRepublic
    • Aluminum plates from my Group Buy
    • Black and translucent 1/8in acrylic laser cut by me
    • WS2812B RGB LED strip
    • Elite-C microcontroller
  • JJ50 from KPRepublic
    • 65g Zilents lubed with Tribosys3204
    • DSA Granite PBT Dye-Sub from KPRepublic
    •  co2CREA Traveling Case