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To manage inventory, I had to split parts of the kit into different items.  YOU MUST ADD TO CART ONE OF EACH OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:

ENCODERS (click here, only order one per kit, will include 3 encoders)

KNOBS (click here, only order one per kit, will include 3 knobs)

IMPORTANT:  My website’s emails currently are marked as spam.  Check your spam folder and mark me as not spam if you place an order.

The Ellipse macropad, a macropad with 3 rotary encoders and 3 mx style keyswitches.  If you didn’t see it, you may ask, why would anyone want that?  Here are some ideas:  controlling settings in photoshop, pan tilt zoom for 3d controls, scrolling sideways and zooming, and many other possibilities.  Basically any setting that comes in sets of 3 (or less, or more using layers) can be controlled using this macropad.

Quick summary if you don’t want to read the wall of text below:  The macropad has 3 encoders and knobs included, an acrylic plate case, rgb underglow, backlighting compatible, and QMK.  These are now extras from the group buy and would ship within 1 week of your order.

PCB Features:

  • Compatible with MX style switches
  • Powered by QMK
  • USB Type-C Connector (with ESD protection)
  • RGB Underglow (WS2812b)
  • Single color in switch backlighting compatible
  • Atmega32u4 controller with DFU Bootloader
  • Matte black solder mask


  • Assembled Ellipse Rev1 PCB
  • 3 Bourns encoders in smooth scrolling or detent varieties
  • Can upgrade to 3 Alps Encoders with options:
    • Smooth scrolling vs Detents
    • .5mm travel sharp click button vs 1.5mm soft button
  • 3 Encoder knobs in silver or black
  • Acrylic switch plate and base plate
  • All necessary hardware to assemble plate case

Pricing, Shipping, Logistics:

  • Base price is $50 including paypal fee
  • Depending on which encoder and/or knob option you select, there may be a small extra charge (up to $5) because some parts are more expensive and harder to source than others. This is strictly optional.  There are encoders/knobs available within the base price.
  • Priority flat rate USPS shipping within the US is a flat fee of $8
  • Shipping outside the US is expensive, up to $40 even for a small box. If you choose to purchase from outside the US, option your shipping on the purchase website will appear to be free, but I will have to talk to you and manually calculate your shipping cost. (You may want to message me in advance and tell me what country if you care about the price)


  • The group buy is over and what is in stock right now are extras
  • The product is shipped to you within 1 week. Domestic US shipping will take 2-3 days to any destination (priority flat rate USPS).

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Case Color

Black, Translucent (diffused), Clear